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Naoya Inoue vs Fulton's Lemino Free Live Bulletin Broadcast/Live Broadcast/Live Broadcast @~TV Broadcast~ (July 25, 2023)

🔴📺📲👉 Naoya Inoue's next match will be broadcast on TV

🔴📺📲👉 Naoya Inoue's next match will be broadcast on TV

When is Naoya Inoue vs Fulton? Broadcast schedule, game time, free viewing method summary * Outside DAZN distribution *

When is Naoya Inoue vs Stephen Fulton? Detailed information on match times, broadcast schedules, free viewing methods, etc. * Not eligible for DAZN distribution.

Naoya Inoue, the former 4-group unified bantamweight champion, will face Stephen Fulton in the WBC/WBO world super bantamweight title match.

In this article, we have detailed information on Naoya Inoue vs Fulton's match schedule, broadcast/distribution schedule, and how to watch it for free.

When is Naoya Inoue vs Fulton?

Naoya Inoue vs Fulton | Where is the relay station? Naoya Inoue vs Fulton will be distributed exclusively for free on "Lemino". Therefore, it will not be relayed by terrestrial broadcasting or commercial broadcasting.

Naoya Inoue vs Naoya Inoue will be held on July 25th (Tuesday) as the main event of "NTT DoCoMo Presents WBC/WBO World Super Bantamweight Title Match Stephen Fulton VS Naoya Inoue" to be held at Ariake Arena in Tokyo.

In January 2023, Naoya Inoue, who became the first Japanese unified champion of four teams, announced that he would relinquish the throne. He moves up to super bantamweight and challenges Stephen Fulton for the title. Against Naoya Inoue, who boasts an overwhelming record of 24 wins (21 KO) in 24 fights, Fulton also achieved 21 wins (8 KO) in 21 fights, realizing a big match between undefeated fighters.

In addition to Naoya Inoue vs Fulton, Robesi Ramirez vs Satoshi Shimizu in the 12th round of the WBO World Featherweight Title Match, Kanomu Sakama vs Ryu Horikawa in the 8th round of the Japan Youth Light Flyweight Title Match are all worth seeing.

■What time is the game?

A total of 9 games will be held on July 25th, including Inoue vs Fulton. Lemino, which exclusively distributes the event, will start live from the 4th game around 16:00.

The start time of the Inoue vs Fulton match on the main card may change depending on the progress of the undercard match. Lemino announced on the official website, "On the day of the match, access may be concentrated and restrictions may be imposed. Please start watching early."

■ Battle card/match order

Lemino streamed the 4th game. The live start time is scheduled for 16:00.

[Fulton vs Naoya Inoue] Broadcast schedule (online distribution / terrestrial TV) / match time? ・Preliminary results|WBC・WBO world super bantamweight title match Naoya Inoue x Steven Fulton TV broadcast/Internet distribution (LIVE broadcast)・Match schedule (gong start time)・The latest information such as match results and progress on the day will be updated as needed

The WBC/WBO world super bantamweight title match will be held at Ariake Arena on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

Naoya Inoue x S Fulton/From what time? Match schedule (start time) | WBC/WBO world super bantamweight title match

[Reference] The previous Butler match was around 20:00, and the Donaire match was around 21:00.

The first game is scheduled to gong at 14:40, the main event of Inoue vs. Fulton will be the ninth game, and will be streamed exclusively on NTT docomo video distribution service Lemino from 16:00 on the fourth game. In addition, after the live distribution, archive distribution is also planned. For details, please check the official website below.

Lemino (former dTV) official page ←

Pre-match information

Gugu Sports! We will inform you about the situation, such as when the game is likely to start, about 15 to 30 minutes before the scheduled game time. Please visit the site from time to time to find out more information.

Naoya Inoue vs. S. Fulton Match Results | WBC/WBO World Super Bantamweight Title Match

S. Fulton has high technique and punching power, counter is characteristic, punch rotation is fast, and defense technology is also excellent. Naoya Inoue also appreciates his ability, commenting that he is "punching and fast", "defensively solid" and "offensive boxer". [TV/Streaming] What time does Naoya Inoue vs Fulton start on 7.25? = Time schedule for all 9 games (live broadcast, broadcast, distribution information) [TV/distribution] What time will Naoya Inoue vs Fulton start on July 25? = Scheduled time (time schedule) for all 9 games, live broadcast, broadcast start time

On July 25th (Tuesday), WBC & WBO World Super Bantamweight Title Match will be held at Ariake Arena, Tokyo, where WBC & WBO champion Stephen Fulton (28 = USA) and former 4-group world bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue (30 = Ohashi) will play against each other.

 A total of 9 games will be held on the day, and the 4th game will be streamed exclusively live on the video distribution service "Lemino" from 15:45 opening / 16:00 start.

 According to JBC's game time schedule, the main event between Inoue and Fulton will start at 19:04. [WBO World Featherweight Title Match 12th Round] Champion Robesi Ramirez (Cuba) vs. Satoshi Shimizu (Ohashi) will start at 18:12.

Yuki Takei looks at the bantamweight division and challenges the match with a 54kg contract

 Former K-1 champion and Oriental Pacific super bantamweight champion Yuki Takei (Ohashi) vs. Philippine bantamweight champion Ronnie Baldonado (Philippines) will start at 17:00.

However, depending on the flow of the match, the time may change, so it will be important to be on standby earlier than this time.

Below are the schedules for each game.

<Battle card>

(*The time may change depending on the progress of the match such as KO settlement)

19:04~19:51 Stephen Fulton vs Naoya Inoue (WBC/WBO world super bantamweight title match)

18:12~18:59 Robesi Ramirez vs Satoshi Shimizu (WBO world featherweight title match)

17:36~18:07 Kanomu Sakama vs Ryu Horikawa (Japan Youth Light Flyweight Championship Match)

17:00~17:31 Ronnie Baldonado vs Yuki Takei

16:24~16:55 Chihiro Iwashita vs Hiroyuki Takahara

15:48~16:19 Hebi Marapu vs Toramasa Imanaga

15:20~15:43 Yuki Kajitani vs Masato Shinoda

15:00~15:15 Ryosuke Nakamura vs Kenta Yamakawa

14:40~14:55 Kenta Kawakami vs Takeo Kitano f


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